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Dawn International School in Kochi is an international school for boys and girls from preschool to 12th grade. The school offers the Pearson Edexcel IGCSE and CBSE curriculums and has a strong focus on academic, athletic, and artistic development. The school has a teacher-student ratio of approximately 1:30, providing individualized attention for all students. The campus features modern amenities such as air-conditioned classrooms, hi-tech labs, a multimedia room, and a playground for sports activities. The school also offers boarding facilities with separate hostels for boys and girls and a full-time staff to take care of their needs. The school places a high priority on safety and security, and the campus is under 24-hour surveillance. The school has a comprehensive transport system with air-conditioned buses that provide door-to-door pickup and drop-off.

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Chairman's Desk

chairman dawn international school
M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D., D.Litt.
“Everyone has dreams and without dedication it is like a body without soul. When such dreams turn into reality, it makes a mark on time. We need to be among those unique human beings who have left an incredible mark on the lives and minds of other people.”

Education does not confine to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, well furnished labs, well stacked libraries or the equipments. It goes beyond books and bricks, it builds character, enriches minds in a manner so as to prepare the students to face the challenges of this world free of stress, making them fit for the real and corporate world automatically and naturally.

At Dawn International School, our guiding philosophy is to provide an education that is the confluence of knowledge and character. Our emphasis is to provide the most modern and sophisticated learning environment finely blended with the correct value system and traditional ethics making the students stick to their roots. The school provides a platform to the students to explore their hidden individual as well as group talents making learning an enriching experience that lasts forever.

Principal's Desk

principal Cbse dawn international school
Mrs. Smitha M
M.Sc Chemistry, B.Ed, PGDCA, CTET
Welcome to Dawn International School, the No.1 ranked international school in Kerala for boys and girls from preschool to grade 12. Our unique "Formation, Information, Transformation" philosophy focuses on holistic student development through academics, fine arts, sports, and more. With small class sizes and dedicated teachers, we provide a caring and personalized learning environment. Our lush campus and range of excellent facilities create a dynamic environment for academic excellence and growth. Join the Dawn family and become a global leader with our quality education and commitment to your success.
principal Igcse dawn international school
Mrs. Rani Ranjitha
Welcome to Dawn International School, a top-ranked international school in Kerala for boys and girls from preschool to grade 12. Our mission is to educate the whole student, fostering academic excellence and balanced development through our unique "Formation, Information, Transformation" philosophy. With a low teacher-student ratio, dedicated teachers, and a stunning campus, we provide a caring environment for every child to reach their full potential. Join our family of global leaders and discover the joy of learning at Dawn International School.

What Our Parents Say

Dr. M. Pratima Uday
Dr. M. Pratima Uday

Parent of : T. Pranav Vanamali Dipu, Grade : 12

I feel proud that my son is a part of the Dawn family. My son has made wonderful improvement in academics. Teachers here provide high level of support to improve confidence and self-esteem in children. They are nurturing good values to kids. Teachers and all staff are giving more individualized attention to each and every kid. Principal Ma'am and all staff are very supportive and ready to hear all our concerns. Teaching methods they are implementing is very interesting and enthusiastic to kids. I personally feel Dawn school is the perfect place for kids.
Mrs. Anix Baiju
Mrs. Anix Baiju

Parent of : Albin Avira Baiju & Robin Tom Baiju, Grade : 11,12

"DAWN International school helps new students adapt to a different learning and requirement system, always ready to help the child overcome the hardships of the learning process as well as create conditions that help improve oneself, enabling the student to participate not only in school, but also in international projects. Despite the cultural differences, there are no problems in communication/interaction, while we – the parents are always kept precisely informed about our child’s accomplishments. That’s why without any doubts we also brought our youngest son to join his big brother at Dawn International School
Ranjitha Satish
Ranjitha Satish

Parent of : Ananya, Grade : 12

First I appreciate the principal, teachers and non-teaching staff of Dawn International School because they really care, they empower and also have connections with the kids. I like that the school is open to parents and I know my daughter appreciate the one-on-one learning environment. She has no problem talking to the teachers if she has an issue. They make the students feel more comfortable
Smitha Nair
Smitha Nair

Parent of : Nava Anup, Grade : 10

The past year has seen a lot of positive changes at 'Dawn'. Being a parent and educator, it is indeed a pleasure to be saying that the school is truly stirring to live up to its ideologies, "formation, information and transformation
Mr. Dilip Ganesh
Mr. Dilip Ganesh

Parent of : Rishika Dilip & Nivedha Dilip, Grade : 11,12

It was a tough decision to move away from our life in the UAE. One of the biggest challenges being to find the right school near my home town for my children who have been following the Cambridge curriculum in UAE. Finding Dawn International in Kochi motivated us to make the move a reality. The Principal, Teachers and staff were very reassuring at the time of admission and I must say it was a decision well made. I'm thankful to everyone at the school. Rishika and Nivedha love the school with a great faculty who work together as a united family. Keep up the positive spirit!!
Nisha Lijesh
Nisha Lijesh

Parent of : Anna Deona, Grade : 12

Dawn International School gave my child a warm welcome in 2012 and helped my kid a lot these two years towards her future. Kindergarten system is great especially the way in which the children are well-looked after by the teachers and staffs. Extra-curricular activities had improved a lot this year.

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